5 Bad Habits You Must Avoid On LinkedIn

By October 13, 2016Online Strategy, Social Media

If you’ve been following our discussion on how to use LinkedIn to generate new leads you will have discovered our Master Tips on how to setup your profile correctly, how to work the room, and how to build relationships with your connections. That’s a lot of To Do’s. Today, we’re talking about the Do Not’s.

Here are 5 bad habits you must avoid on LinkedIn

Master Tip No 1 – Don’t be unprofessional

Even though we should never act in public or on social media as if we were brought up in a cave, it appears, at least on social media, that manners have become an antiquated habit. If you want to generate new business leads conduct yourself as professionally as possible not matter what social media platform you’re on, but especially when you’re on LinkedIn! Remember, LinkedIn is composed of over 40% of decision makers in organisations. Behave as if you were sitting in front of them in their office.

Master Tip No 2 – Don’t be generic

Yes, we know you’re busy but using the generic ‘please add me to your contacts’ is just lazy. It also shows a potential client that you haven’t done your homework. Instead of the generic message tell the person how you know them, or why you would like to connect with them. If you don’t have a good reason for wanting to connect with them then you probably, and erroneously, think that having a large number of connections matters more than having real relationships with your connections.

Master Tip No 3 – Don’t ask for recommendations from virtual strangers

If you’ve actually worked with or for someone and the relationship is or was a good one then yes, ask for a recommendation. The same also applies to giving both recommendations and endorsements. If you don’t know the person, recommending or endorsing them makes no sense. No professional is going to ‘repay the compliment’ just because someone they don’t know has endorsed them. The only thing endorsing a stranger reveals is a lack of professionalism and whoever you endorsed is unlikely to become a new client.

Master Tip No 4 – Don’t be tight-fisted with endorsements

Although this may seem like a contradiction of what we’ve just said, it isn’t. Bear in mind that working the room and networking successfully is achieved by charming people and charming people are complimentary, kind and generous. They’re also trustworthy. If they endorse you, other people will believe them. Endorsements not only make the person you’re endorsing feel good about themselves but it’s easy to do. Giving them a pat on their back helps them show up in other people’s searches.

Master Tip No 5 – Don’t wait

Our series has covered a lot of things you need to do up-front and on an on-going basis. You need to get the up-front work done as soon as possible. Next, set up and manage a regular and professional LinkedIn. Remember, LinkedIn – in fact, any social media presence – isn’t something that you dip into whenever you feel like it. Think of it like the Monday morning company meeting. It’s useful, informative, a good place to make connections and – it’s mandatory, if you want it to work for your benefit.

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