5 essential profile tips for LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the one of the best social media sites for connecting with top level professionals in your target market. But how do you stop being just a ‘connection’ and become a company’s next most essential business partner?

It’s Essential to get Your Profile Right if You Want to Generate Business Leads from LinkedIn.

Your profile is more than just an electronic version of your business card. This is your first and most important sales pitch. If you get this wrong, people may not bother reading any further.

Here are the Five Essential Profile Master Tips You Need to Implement Today

Master Tip No 1 – The Head Shot

A professional head shot is vital. A company logo won’t cut the mustard. People want to see who they’re connecting with. There are approximately 3.8 million LinkedIn users in South Africa and nearly 45% of them are business decision makers. An un-professional picture, or no head shot at all, has about as much business appeal as the plague.

Master Tip No 2 – The Title and Location

You may revel in calling yourself a Financial Wizard, but what matters are the key-words prospective clients use when looking for someone offering your services. In this case, they’re looking for an Accountant. And it’s the inclusion of those key-words that help potential new leads find you quickly and easily. You need to show up as close to the top of the search results as you can.  Adding a location will help you do that.

A company in Port Alfred needing the services of an accountant will, more than likely, search for “Accountant bookkeeper Port Alfred South Africa”. If that describes you, then your title and location should read, “Port Alfred Accountant” even if you’d rather say, “Financial Wizardry for Africa.” No one wants a financial wizard. What they want is an accountant.

Master Tip No 3 – The Reason to Call

The reason to call comes after your title and location. “At last!” you think. “I can put the financial wizardry stuff here!”

No, you can’t. Or at least, you shouldn’t, not if you want to garner new clients. The most important thing to remember about social media is that people are not there for you – even if they’re looking for you. They’re there to find out what you can do for them! You need to speak to both their needs and their goals.

“Joe Smith. Port Alfred Accountant & Advisor helping businesses with tax planning and strategies.” vs “Joe Smith. Port Alfred Accountant & Business Advisor helping businesses, start-ups and real estate investors experience growth & profits.”

The first statement tells the reader what Joe Smith does. The second describes what he does for his clients. He understands their end goal – growth and profits.  What are your clients’ end goals?

Master Tip No 4 – The Summary

Everything on your LinkedIn page should be client-focused. LinkedIn is a business building tool. You don’t put your entire CV on your billboard because it’s not relevant. And here, your key-words are what matter. Apart from appearing in your title, they should also go in the Summary section. A one-liner describing who you are, your story and your credibility is all that’s needed. Remember, people only care what you can do for them, so talk to that. Speak to your specific target market, their problems and the solutions you provide.

Master Tip No 5 – The Call to Action

Always end your summary with a call to action. Telling people what to do next is vital. Whether it’s visiting your website to get more information, emailing you or calling you, give them the links, the numbers and the opportunity.

And speaking of calls to action – now that you’ve got a perfect LinkedIn profile, download our e-book today and discover the next steps in using this powerful social media tool to generate new leads, convert them into clients and achieve your company goals!

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