5 reasons why you should offer free eBooks in your sales funnel

Why do eBooks offer incredible value in a sales funnel?

First, they are the veritable bait luring in the hungry lead. If your customers are going online to find information that is relevant for their needs (which is what 90% of consumers are doing) you have to be able to give it them. If you don’t, they will go somewhere else.

Free eBooks have become a mainstay of content marketing strategy which aims at attracting and sustaining a loyal customer base with engaging online information. This is because user behaviour has changed as people become more accustomed to researching and learning online. When they find what they need, they will probably return to that site for more – just as people return to a trusted store for sales assistance or, in the past, returned to a favourite section in their local library.

Also, the trend of ‘less is more’ in website content is over, in part due to the influence of Google algorithms which now deliver rich, high quality content to searchers. Your eBooks can help to ensure that your content meets Google standards and that your website ranks well in search results.  

Here are five good reasons why you should be publishing eBooks as part of your marketing strategy:

  1. Powerful lead generatorThe aim of a free eBook is to offer something to the customer in exchange for an email address and permission to be added to a mailing list. It doesn’t get much better than this. Generally speaking people love free eBooks so will happily exchange their contact details to get their hands on one. Once you have these details, generating leads becomes as easy as following up with an exciting email offering more information and specials offers.
  2. Quick, easy and affordable to publish – Low production costs and a high conversion rate make eBooks one of your most valuable marketing tools. While you should employ the experts to write and design your eBooks, the costs are comparatively low on your marketing budget. You can quite literally publish your book on your website within a week, it’s that quick.
  3. Builds meaningful connections – eBooks should be educational, informative and relevant. They provide the reader with insights into topics they are interested in and want to learn more about. Usually the style of an eBook is personal and conversational; it can even include some of your own story about your business and why you are doing what you are doing. People love reading stories about other people. They like to identify with your struggles and how you overcame against all odds. So your eBook can build a strong emotional connection with your target audiences.
  4. Establishes you as an expert – What better way to prove to your target market how well you know your industry and that you are an expert at what you do. Publishing a book about everything you know is the ultimate rise to credibility.
  5. Empowers your audience – How do you feel when you find information that is relevant for your needs? A good eBook will help you to learn something new, gain new insights, understand more, or give you some knowledge that helps you make better decisions or find better solutions. It’s a very rewarding experience. This is what you can do for your market – share relevant information that will make a difference for them. What better way to build customer loyalty!

For any business, the best part about eBooks is how they can help you generate qualified leads. Offer 10 to 20 pages of meaningful advice in exchange for the users’ contact details. You couldn’t ask for better value!

Do you know what your market wants to read about? We can help you package this information into an easy-to-read story and advise you on how to use the eBook in your marketing funnel. At 10 Plus Media we offer the expertise to write and design great marketing eBooks. Contact us and we’ll turn you into an author in no time.


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