7 Reasons to invest in professional copywriting for your website


Want more customers? Hire a professional writer!

I can write! Anybody can write!! Oh, how I worry when I hear clients proclaiming this. Unless you are a professionally trained writer, no you cannot write. And if you expect to generate leads online using social media and your website, then please hire a pro to do it for you. In the long-run you will be saving yourself a whole heap of issues and money.

7 reasons why you should use a professional writer to write your online marketing content:


  1. We’re skilled at what we do

Copywriting is a profession. If you think you can write and you haven’t studied to become a writer, think again. Writing is a form of communication. To communicate the word clearly so your customers understand what you do or what you are trying to sell them, you need to be a skilled writer.

Does this sentence make any sense to you? “We are a company that is good at hand making home products that comes from the earth. We have won awards for many of our designs.” Well, you sort of get that the company sells something that has won awards, but the grammar makes them sound unprofessional and what exactly are they selling?

A skilled writer would give you something like this: “Are you looking for the perfect ceramic gift? We design award-winning, hand-made earthenware – such as vases, crockery and cooking dishes – which will enhance any home interior.”

  1. We know how to write to please your customers

So you have this gorgeous looking website, which you paid a fortune for. It’s meant to showcase your brilliance and how your brand stands out in the market. The problem is it has done nothing for business and has a high bounce rate (the percentage of people who come to your site on a specific page and leave on that page without clicking through to other pages).

The issue is you have showcased how good YOU are and how YOUR brand stands out. Customers aren’t interested in your brilliance. They want to know how they can benefit from using your company from the moment they lay eyes on your website. So by all means make your website design gorgeous but make sure customers can navigate it easily and that your copy is written simply and clearly with engaging information for your visitor. A professional writer knows how to write to please the customer.

  1. We understand SEO and how best to use keywords

As professional online content writers, it becomes our job to keep abreast with SEO (search engine optimisation) and keyword placement. To say the least, writing for SEO purposes is a tricky job best left to the professionals.

We know when Google changes its SEO rules and where to apply them. We also know how to write great copy to please the Google crawlers while still engaging customers. We know what keywords to place where and how many times without turning your copy into a keyword-overloaded farce. Google despises keyword-heavy copy. Writers know this. We write to get your website placed on Google.

  1. We know all the writing rules

When it comes to writing for online, the rules change regularly to accommodate new ways in which we access digital information. As professional writers, it is our job to keep abreast of these changes and apply them to your copy.

For example, the expansion in using mobile devices to access online content has had a strong impact on how we write for websites.  Now it’s important to write short, to-the-point snippets and short paragraphs that work on all platforms. Responsive websites (designed to adapt to various screen sizes and platforms) are becoming the norm – which means we need to know how to make the content for your website work on both large and small screens.

  1. We write clearly

Writing conversationally while keeping the content concise and easy to understand is no small feat. It takes practise and skill, which is something that we writers have honed over years of writing for the various platforms and industries.

The fact that we’re flexible allows us to study the trends and adapt our writing skills accordingly. And we are the ultimate grammar Nazis so we don’t make clumsy mistakes which make the copy difficult to read and understand. Remember, the way you communicate your brand online is the way your market perceives you.

  1. We write effective calls to action

If you want to see any action from potential customers, you absolutely must use calls to action in your online marketing.

So, what is a call to action? It is the bait that you use to get visitors on your website to do something that brings them closer to doing business with you. The tastier the bait the more impact you’ll have.

A good call to action should focus on what your visitors are looking for or how they will benefit. For example: “For a FREE consultation on how to get more customers, contact us now” with a click through to your website Contacts page. Or “Do you like the idea of being debt free? Find out more about our debt counselling service” with a click through to your service page.

Us writers have many effective calls to action up our sleeve. We know exactly where to position them in your website copy and just how to entice your visitors to take further action, which will ultimately generate more leads for your business.

  1. We write to interest and excite

Whether we write insightful blog articles and short useful tips for newsletters or tease your customers into action with exciting emailer campaigns, we are skilled at engaging the reader. We know how to write copy that grabs the reader’s attention and doesn’t let go. And once your online content has achieved this you will pretty much have customers eating out of the palm of your hand.

The easiest way to chase customers off to your competitors is to bore them with copy that is either or all of the following:

  • badly written
  • doesn’t have a clear message
  • too stiff and formal
  • speaks above your customers’ heads
  • pretentious
  • written in industry lingo
  • tries too hard
  • too long and tedious
  • all about you and offers nothing to your customer

When writers write for business their focus is to bring business to your door.Sounds easy, but it isn’t. It takes years of practice and serious writing miles to get it right.


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