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You’ve pushed the benefits of your brand until you are blue in the face yet you don’t seem to be attracting customers. Why is this the case?

I mean why can’t you simply promote how good your brand is, why must you give your brand a story?

The article 4 Benefits of Using Storytelling in Marketing published on states “92% of consumers want brands to make ads that feel like a story”. That’s close to 100% of people out there wanting to spend their money on something.

But if that’s not convincing enough then here are 3 good reasons why brand stories are such a powerful marketing tool:

They establish trust – When a brand story evokes emotion and is believable, people buy into it. Why? Because they can relate. This builds a bond between the story and the reader, which ultimately establishes a feeling of trust. So, brand stories produce trust. But not just any story will do. It needs to be well written, easy to understand and digest, but most of all it needs to be emotive. It must make your reader feel something. This Volkswagen advert brilliantly tells a story about the safety of its cars. Observe how it makes you feel sentimental and evokes happy memories of long road trips with your family. It wins over your trust in no time.

They pull at the heartstrings – While brand stories are very much a part of your marketing campaign, they must never be thought of only in terms of an advert or sales pitch.  Instead, brand stories should be written with the brand’s persona and the consumer’s personality in mind. A clever writer knows how to get this balance right when writing a brand story. Stories with sentiment and personality will have readers wanting more. To simply watch this Discovery video will make you feel all loving and happy. You remember Discovery with a warm heart and you will probably take note of what the company offers next time you’re online.

They excite the audience – A well-told story will inspire the reader and inspired readers will in turn share their experience of the story. There is nothing more powerful than that. So, by writing exciting stories about your brand you not only achieve buy-in from your audience but they spread the word to others who read your story and so on. Exciting stories have a greater impact on your target audience. Take a look at this Nike video  which has been made to inspire the brand’s target audience. It’s believable and makes you feel excited about the brand.


When writing about your brand to attract readers your stories should:

  • Have personality – Give every story flair and style. Let your writer’s personality shine through.
  • Be simple – Use KISS (keep it simple stupid) on your readers because remember you want everyone to understand your message.
  • Shape your existence – Your stories should speak of your brand’s successes, failures, people, history, connections, etc. In other words, everything that makes your brand worthy of the stories. Always write these stories from the heart.
  • Connect with customers – Always bring emotion into your brand stories. It is the only way you will bond with your readers.
  • Be worth sharing – Make the stories exciting and inspirational so that your readers want to share them.
  • Be convincing – So much so they get absolute buy in from customers.
  • Have a conclusion – Don’t get stuck in one story. Your brand will have many stories to tell. Give all of them a voice.

Can you think of your brand’s many exciting stories? We can help you brainstorm and write great stories that will make your brand memorable. Contact us to discuss your brand’s stories.


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