5 Reasons Why You Should Never Ask Your Graphic Designer to Show You How To Do It

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Today, thanks to all the free software available, everyone can be a ‘designer’. If you are just starting out and you don’t have the budget to pay a professional designer, the free software can be a God-send. There are countless design blogs to guide you through the basics, from which fonts work well together, to how to manipulate pictures and…

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What to Look For When Choosing a Hosting Company

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What are your requirements? Generally, hosting is going to be provided in a Shared or Dedicated Server environment. Unless you specifically choose a dedicated server, your website will be hosted on a shared server. Which means there could be hundreds of websites sharing the same server resources with you. This affects performance. It also carries potential security risks. If you…

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DIY – Facebook Ad Design

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By Anna Perold It can be a bit daunting, thinking of all those thousands of Facebook Ads you need to compete with. Then there are all the new features that Facebook comes up with to stay current and you need to keep a constant eye on any updates that they make. If you’re not a designer and can’t hire a…

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Ensuring Great Brand Experience on a Business Website

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When your company’s website has to compete with hundreds of other websites within your market sector or geographical location, how do you stand out from your competitors and enhance brand loyalty? We encourage our clients to identify their brand personality and think about how this can be conveyed in the digital space. Usually, four factors need to be taken into…

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