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Ask not what your website can do for you but what it can do for the customer: the role of website metrics in determining website user experience

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“Get closer than ever to your customer. So close in fact that you tell them what they need well before they realise it.” – Steve Jobs By Elaine Dodge A customer votes with his feet. Every time. You may have the best looking store on the planet, but if your customer’s experience in your store is unpleasant he won’t come…

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James Bond vs a supermodel: How it affects your website user experience (UX)

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Is being beautiful all that matters? A beautiful website is great. It’s a bit like having a supermodel as your significant other. But looks only go so far. With no depth of character and brains behind the beauty, even supermodels pall after a while. Similarly, your website can’t only be attractive. It must also have depth and usability (UX). What…

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Best practices in website lead generation: 5 things to ask yourself before you build your website

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Have you looked at what your competitors are doing about lead generation on their websites lately? Chances are that some of them will have sophisticated and engaging websites that are doing a highly effective marketing job.  You can quite easily achieve this as well – but then you need to discard any preconceptions you may have about doing a simple…

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10 Really bad website mistakes

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We encounter so many bad websites. And so many developers who build bad websites. And so many business owners who waste their marketing budgets on websites that have no hope of bringing in business. So here I’m going to tell it like it is. Enough with pussyfooting around because the customer is always right – don’t do this to your…

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Content Marketing

Match your marketing plan to your sales funnel

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Sales funnel methodology is an ideal match for online marketing. If you’re hanging with other business people you’ve probably had conversations about the importance of marketing online and sales funnels. If this makes you feel a little out of your depth, don’t stress. Here we explain how the concept of a sales funnel is a simple and very effective strategy…

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3 Steps to building a successful social media strategy

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“Why use social media for business? Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.”  These are the words of Seth Godin, marketing guru. So are you one of those business owners who’re still thinking, “Is a social media strategy really necessary for my business?” With social media now the mainstream marketing platform…

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