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Digital Analytics

Simple guidelines to understanding digital analytics

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Digital Analytics drives your online marketing performance! “Digital analytics” sounds quite intimidating, right?! Two words to avoid like the plague. Sorry to say, these are two words you must embrace if you want to ensure you bring the right customers to your door. That been said, let’s break it down and learn what digital analytics is all about. WHAT IS…

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Copywriting for online marketing & target audience analysis

Copywriting for online marketing: Writing for your target audience

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Are you struggling to find the right customers? Perhaps you’re marketing to the wrong audience. Online Content 101: The only audience you should be writing for on your website, blogs and social media is your customers. Tell your customers what they want to hear. Give them what they want. But first be sure that you understand your target market. Once…

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UX & UX Design

Exploding 4 Myths About the website user experience (UX) & UX Design

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“Myths are a waste of time. They prevent progression.” – Barbara Streisand By Elaine Dodge Your Website is Your Electronic Business Card Today, it’s probably more important to have a website than it is to have a business card – although you should have both. A website tells potential clients, whom you’ve never met, much more than a business card…

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User experience UX and User friendly

5 hacks to a user-friendly website for higher marketing ROI.

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“Customer experience isn’t an expense. Managing customer experience bolsters your brand.” – Stan Phelps By Elaine Dodge Why use detailed and creative photos to boost user experience (UX)? #1:  Your user-friendly website has attractive and/or thought-provoking photography or illustrations. There’s nothing worse than opening up a site and seeing the same bland, boring stock photography you’ve seen a hundred times…

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User experience

Ask not what your website can do for you but what it can do for the customer: the role of website metrics in determining website user experience

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“Get closer than ever to your customer. So close in fact that you tell them what they need well before they realise it.” – Steve Jobs By Elaine Dodge A customer votes with his feet. Every time. You may have the best looking store on the planet, but if your customer’s experience in your store is unpleasant he won’t come…

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