You just want a small, cheap website?

Let’s say you have a great business idea. So you think a website will be the first step to bringing in the business. But you want to start small to test the market so you just want a small site. And you expect to get this for, say R3,000 –  R4,000 mainly because you know someone who had his site done by a friend for R2,500. So around R4K is reasonable, right?

Are you that person?

If you are, don’t ask 10 Plus Media for a quote, because we won’t be able to help you.

It’s time for small business owners to get savvy about online marketing. Cyberspace is overcrowded with literally trillions of websites. You don’t have a hope of being noticed unless you cater for search engine optimisation (SEO), you write sticky content that engages the interest of your visitors, you give your prospective customers what they are looking for and you create specific ‘landing’ pages (sales pages) that will convert visitors into customers. And that’s just for starters…

In today’s hugely competitive cloud of digital marketing, an effective website needs input from a marketing strategist, a content writer, an SEO researcher, possibly a specialist in designing user experience, a graphic designer and a web developer. If they do their job right, you should get a website that can successfully market your business and sell your services or products. But you certainly won’t get this for under R5K.

Most successful businesses know this. So when the naïve entrepreneur comes along with his cut-rate website, he’ll be competing with the R30K and R300K websites. Who do you think will get the business?

When you are competing in a market where your customers expect to engage with a BMW or at the very least a reliable Toyota, don’t try to enter on a scooter. Rather put your money under your mattress – you’ll get a better return.



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