ROI on your online marketing starts with an integrated marketing strategy

So often we get clients who want an isolated service – a website that is destined to be left static and neglected after it has been published … a series of advertisements to use in a magazine … a business profile designed into a brochure …

Yet they haven’t got a marketing strategy, they don’t have concrete targets in mind, they don’t have a dedicated budget for online marketing and they don’t know what ROI they should be aiming at.

Have you made any of these common online marketing mistakes?

  • Muddled along without a marketing strategy?
  • Started a campaign to bring in new business over Christmas … in November?
  • Run a Google Adwords campaign without having any landing sales pages on your website?
  • Distributed printed flyers, but didn’t put your flyer online?
  • Written your own content for your website without providing for SEO?
  • Got a buddy to design your website at a low cost, but now your site is not bringing in any business?

These are just a few examples of typical online marketing mistakes. If you’ve got one of these T-shirts, we would love to help you make a few simple changes to get an integrated marketing strategy in place. It’s inexpensive to do and will dramatically improve the impact of your digital marketing activities.

Plan it correctly from the start

The great thing about digital marketing is that it consists of a number of elements that fit together like the pieces in a puzzle. In isolation, each element won’t get you very far. But make them all work together and results can be excellent.

At 10 Plus Media we assist our clients in developing an integrated roll out of online marketing activities –

  • Social media that attracts customers and provides brand experience
  • Websites that inform, educate and engage (which can include making sales)
  • Online content (like blogs, e-books and newsletters) to drive the customer journey down the sales funnel
  • Online marketing strategies to provide customer support and build customer relationships
  • Online communication that supports customer retention and upsell
  • Measuring the results of online activity to help you make strategic decisions about how to improve your customer engagement
  • Cutting across all of these is the marketing material that we can design and produce for our clients to share electronically as well as in hard copy.

We start with your big picture, and help you break it down into the individual puzzle pieces. These become the integrated marketing activities that will help you to achieve your business goals.

It doesn’t have to cost the earth

But you will lose a lot of money if you proceed without a proper marketing strategy. Our emphasis is on planning according to your budget and helping you develop processes that are easy for you to manage. We work mainly with small to medium-sized businesses where an uncomplicated, back to basics approach is really effective. Online marketing is supposed to bring in new and repeat business, even during tough times. That’s what we help you do.

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