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Sales funnel methodology is an ideal match for online marketing.

If you’re hanging with other business people you’ve probably had conversations about the importance of marketing online and sales funnels. If this makes you feel a little out of your depth, don’t stress. Here we explain how the concept of a sales funnel is a simple and very effective strategy for planning your online marketing.

The traditional principles of attracting people to your shop, displaying your wares, converting visitors into customers and then delivering great customer service are just as relevant in the online environment.

We’ve done a cool infographic to illustrate how this would work in practice.

Step 1: Promote your brand on social media

Use social media to create awareness around your brand and offerings – attract attention with news and images that are informative and fun. Showcase new products and promotions, invite followers to comment, run competitions, use social media advertising, and always use links to steer people to your website!

Step 2: Your website is where visitors can browse

Make sure your website looks great and navigates well – this is your online shop so you want people to like what they see through the window and then step through the door. Once they are inside, ensure they have lots to see and enjoy. Also make it easy for them to find you by equipping your site (via SEO) to rank well on Google.  

Step 3: Inform and engage

Delight your visitors with blog articles and e-books. Offer tips, ideas, inspiration, helpful tools and loads of useful information. This is where you aim at encouraging people to select items and ‘try them on’. Make sure the virtual experience is as good as using a spacious and luxurious fitting room, or the comfy leather armchairs in a book store.

Step 4: Target new leads

Build a database of the new leads that will come pouring in.  Send them e-mailers and newsletters that inform them of the stuff they want to know about. Be strategic, provide them with information that will be of value to them and always offer an easy means to contact you. Consider using an automated communication system here to keep the connection going with all new prospects.

Step 5: Convert and sell

This is where you and your sales team really get to work as you respond to enquiries. Also keep an eye on your blog and social media for comments from potential leads. When you close a sale, ensure a smooth and easy process of customer service, which could include thank you notes and follow-ups. Value-add gifts or freebies for new customers are great for giving them the VIP treatment. Automated online communication will allow you to upscale your efficiency at this level.

Step 6: Back for more

You rely on repeat business from loyal customers so it is essential to get first-time shoppers’ contact details on your database.  You will need this as you begin the process of using your sales funnel all over again to engage existing customers in a new channel of communication. It’s an ongoing cycle. You gain new customers and keep your existing ones. Repeat.

Use our infographic to assist you in constructing your own sales funnel – or you could make your life a whole lot easier by contacting us at 10 Plus Media and we can help you plan your sales funnel.



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