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Copywriting for online marketing & target audience analysis

Copywriting for online marketing: Writing for your target audience

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Are you struggling to find the right customers? Perhaps you’re marketing to the wrong audience. Online Content 101: The only audience you should be writing for on your website, blogs and social media is your customers. Tell your customers what they want to hear. Give them what they want. But first be sure that you understand your target market. Once…

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What’s the big deal with SEO copywriting?

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Unlocking the power of keywords Like the advent of TV starlets on the small screen, search engine optimisation (SEO) has risen in prominence as the internet advances onto every desktop, tablet and smart phone across the globe. All in the cause of appeasing the search engines, gods of the online world. Google, the über god, dominates internet search – whatever…

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So you think you can write?

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Who can actually write! By Laurel Pretorius Really, it’s amazing how most people think they can write – something that takes serious study time, talent and experience in the field; yet ego and tight budgets turn people who can’t write into seemingly top-notch scribes. As a professional writer with a diploma in journalism and nearly two decades of writing experience…

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