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Exploding 4 Myths About the website user experience (UX) & UX Design

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“Myths are a waste of time. They prevent progression.” – Barbara Streisand By Elaine Dodge Your Website is Your Electronic Business Card Today, it’s probably more important to have a website than it is to have a business card – although you should have both. A website tells potential clients, whom you’ve never met, much more than a business card…

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User experience UX and User friendly

5 hacks to a user-friendly website for higher marketing ROI.

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“Customer experience isn’t an expense. Managing customer experience bolsters your brand.” – Stan Phelps By Elaine Dodge Why use detailed and creative photos to boost user experience (UX)? #1:  Your user-friendly website has attractive and/or thought-provoking photography or illustrations. There’s nothing worse than opening up a site and seeing the same bland, boring stock photography you’ve seen a hundred times…

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3 ways to sabotage your website

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By Marc Pienaar I’ve had many clients who are on their third or fourth website overhaul. They’ve spent a ton of money on design and redesign, development and redevelopment. They’ve reinvented their brand voices, hired new online marketers, run PPC campaigns, started tweeting… And it’s still not working. All of these things are important aspects of a successful online presence….

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10 Really bad website mistakes

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We encounter so many bad websites. And so many developers who build bad websites. And so many business owners who waste their marketing budgets on websites that have no hope of bringing in business. So here I’m going to tell it like it is. Enough with pussyfooting around because the customer is always right – don’t do this to your…

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