James Bond vs a supermodel: How it affects your website user experience (UX)

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Is being beautiful all that matters?

A beautiful website is great. It’s a bit like having a supermodel as your significant other. But looks only go so far. With no depth of character and brains behind the beauty, even supermodels pall after a while. Similarly, your website can’t only be attractive. It must also have depth and usability (UX).

What James Bond Says About Your Website and Why That Matters

The Bond franchise creators know it’s paramount they meet their audiences’ ‘user experience’ expectation if they want to continue selling tickets – ‘the customer experience’. Bond can’t rely just on looks, even if it is Daniel Craig. Audiences demand a lot more than just a pretty face. The filmmakers understand this and no matter who’s playing Bond, every aspect of a Bond film, from the script, the suits, the villains, all the way through to the soundtrack; everything is carefully crafted to meet the ‘user experience (UX)’.

And, whether you like it or not, potential clients visiting your website have exactly the same expectations. If your site is relying purely on vacuous supermodel looks and has no real application substance delivering what they need or expect, you’ll lose them.

How to tell if you’re delivering a Supermodel or a James Bond UX

Do you only see your customers once or are they returning and purchasing? Are customers asking the same questions over and over again?

If you answered yes, then something is clearly wrong with your site. Being unable to navigate your site, or not finding the information they need, is a bad start. Remember, the first contact most people have with your brand is your website. Make their user experience a good one. The last thing you need is a lost customer.

Retail Therapy vs Retail Nightmare

Customers who find navigating your website or making a purchase on the site difficult and frustrating don’t come back a second time.  Picture this, a potential customer spends time searching for a product, mulling over its value and decides to buy. They go through the process and then discover the product is out of stock. You’ve just wasted their time. There’s nothing more annoying to a customer. They will tell others about their experience. As a result, anyone who hears their story, may also be a potentially lost customer. Lost customers equals lost sales equals a poor bottom line. Your accountant will be unimpressed.

Customers want to feel that they are heard, seen and valued, and to enjoy their experience with your brand, especially on your website. Their enjoyment is directly proportional to your site’s ease of use.

Be Your Customer’s Hero

When a potential customer visits an accountancy firm’s website, it’s because they need an accountant, right? Wrong. What they need, and want, is someone to be their hero when it comes to balance sheets and dealing with the tax man. They want someone, an accountant, to tell them everything is going to be alright. If they discover you’re their hero on your homepage, and right next to that is a contact number – BINGO! They’ve already had a good user experience. They’re well on their way to becoming your next most valuable client.




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