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By November 15, 2014Content Marketing

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that tweaking your business profile is all that’s needed to get good content for your website. If a writer agrees to do this for you, then you should fire your writer.

Website  content needs to be crafted to achieve your business goals – which is what an experienced web writer can do for you. But this needs substantial planning before the writing can start. Ask your writer what he/she needs from you; if these 10 boxes aren’t ticked, you may need to look for another writer:

10 steps of preparation for effective website content

  1. Understand your business, your USP and the needs of your target market.
  2. Understand your website goals – what do you want to achieve?
  3. Plot the journey of the user through the site and develop a site map.
  4. Understand your company’s verbal branding (language, tone, style, power words).
  5. Decide on key messaging that will persuade, convince and convert.
  6. Decide on the calls to action that will drive conversion.
  7. Do the keyword research (usually done by an SEO specialist). Don’t leave this out to save money; without keyword rich content, you have no hope of being visible on the Internet.
  8. Research competitor websites – what are they saying and how can you improve on this?
  9. Develop the positioning statement that clearly encapsulates what the website is about.
  10. Collate and plan the content for each page.

Now, let the creation begin!


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